Don’t Peak Too Soon

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It’s great to celebrate your success but don’t let it become your downfall.


Success can become your downfall if you have initial success and then stop developing yourself, so the early success becomes your peak.

Everywhere you look you will see examples of people settling into a life of mediocrity knowing they could have done so much better. There is the person who did so well in their GCSE’s but not so well their in A levels, or the person who did well in A levels but couldn’t make it at university.

So mind-set causes this to happen?

The individual:

  • Has no goal or no idea where to go once that goal is reached.
  • Begins to think they do not have to work at success
  • Lacks self- awareness
  • Has an all or nothing mentality thinking if they can’t do it perfectly and have success every time it’s not worth doing
  • Gets annoyed with failure rather than recognising failure as a great learning opportunity

But there is some good news!!

Everywhere you look you also see people who continually develop, learn from their mistakes and are happy in the knowledge there are many more peaks ahead.

So set a vision for yourself that is far bigger than your immediate goals, make sure you are totally committed to the immediate goals and always ready to set new ones. This will ensure you do not fall into the trap of peaking too soon and instead you will be living with purpose and enjoying new challenges.

Thanks for reading this blog post. I hope it has helped you, and good luck.

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