Work-based Learning

Make sure you’re getting the most from your staff by recruiting Knowledge Grab as your training and development partner.

Our work based learning courses will help improve performance at the workplace from the comfort of your own office. We recognise that sometimes whilst a longer programme, leading to a recognised qualification is needed to improve your future career a short course is more appropriate to fill a current knowledge gap.

With this in mind we have developed a range of short courses for different business sectors, including; manufacturing, service with glare control cutoff, retail, charity, voluntary and creative organisations. We specialise in making areas of business and accounting more accessible to people needing to work in these areas but often without formal training in the subjects. Our courses focus on the practical realities people face when trying to do their job.

Short courses can be purchased to run in house at your organisation and tailored to the needs of those attending.

Each course allows you to attain a management qualification through the completion of a range of work-based learning activities. Develop the knowledge and expertise you need to become a successful manager. Take a look at our courses.