7 things that are key learn about the Sagittarius guy during sex

Loren E. Elara

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  • Indication: Sagittarius
  • Dates: 23 – December 21 november
  • Ruling earth: Jupiter
  • Planetary concept: Expansion
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Characteristics: Masculine, positive
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This post covers probably the most usually expected questions regarding the Sagittarius man’s intimate tendencies and just exactly just what he likes most during sex.

Some FYI: this post shall be exclusively in regards to the Sagittarius man’s intercourse faculties and his form of lovemaking. We won’t be going into information about his romantic/relationship proclivities because i’ve other articles about those subjects on this website. So check those out if you’re curious to find out more in-depth facts about the Sagittarius male.

In the event that you don’t find all that you had been in search of, please keep a comment at the end of the post and I’ll make sure to answer any particular concerns you have got immediately.

Table of articles

1.) Are Sagittarius Guys Good during intercourse?

Interested how satisfying a romp in the bed room aided by the Sag guy may be?

The solution is: this will depend. Intimate preferences are often subjective.

But he has specific means you like about him that may or may not line up with what.

As an example, he could be a fire indication who wants to act fast and bring actually intensity to your bed room. So if you prefer adventurous, passionate and athletic intercourse, then you definitely must certanly be plenty pleased with the Sagittarian guy.

Then the Sagittarius man might not be your type if you instead desire lots of foreplay, empathetic sharing, and emotional depth during sex. He’s maybe maybe not particularly interested in diving deep into emotions and thoughts (unless he has got some water placements).

2.) Are Sagittarius Guys Freaky?

Yes – it is possible to expect Sagittarius males enjoying some things that are kinky. Sagittarius is a novelty-seeking fire indication, in the end, in which he loves to decide to try a little bit of every thing.

He has a tendency to have a dominant character – and that translates to his bed room proclivities. Any energy play will probably turn him in. He really loves a female who’s comfortable inside her femininity and enjoys being intimately submissive with him. Any bondage, spanking or other S&M ideas you throw at him he’ll most likely be desperate to explore.

In the event that you aren’t at all kinky – there’s a chance wild naked babes he might be put off by that. He’s a guy whom loves to explore and expand. He wishes just what he desires and could dislike their intimately adventurous, explorative side become rejected. But, if he’s got a moderate amount of readiness, he can respect your boundaries.

3.) What exactly are their Favorite Sex jobs?

Many people are different in this respect, but there are numerous positions that he’s prone to prefer. He enjoys roles which are athletic and place him in a principal place.

Some potential roles: Doggystyle, Shoulder stand, The V, Downward puppy, Cello, Prison Guard, Captain, Missionary Plank.

4.) Exactly what are the Sagittarius Man’s Erogenous areas

The Sag man’s primary erogenous areas are their sides and legs (internal and external).

If you’re trying to turn him in at any moment, absorb these areas. He’ll be acutely attentive to your touch. You can easily gently graze, or grab him. They’re spots that are great therapeutic massage, too.

Attempt to explore these areas while having sex, see as he likes touching those places on you, too if you can find a position that stimulates these areas in him or allows him to stimulate you.

5.) The Sagittarius Man’s Biggest Turn-ons

  • A sex drive that is high. The Sag guy is high power and really real. Sex is an athletic occasion he likes to enjoy it often for him, and. He really loves somebody who are able to maintain with him.
  • A fun attitude. He’s fired up by enjoyable, excitable power. Intercourse for him is intense, although not broody. He prefers someone whom keeps intercourse light and hefty on laughs.
  • Confidence. He’s a principal man who desires a confident partner that is sexual. He desires a person who understands just exactly what they’re into and it is game to explore brand new things.
  • Intelligence. Wit and agility that is mental powerful aphrodisiacs towards the Sag man. Into bed if you attract him and can match his mental prowess, it’s on, and you should have no problem talking him.
  • Directness. The Sag guy is blunt and direct and appreciates exactly the same in other people. He doesn’t such as for instance a guessing game during intercourse and prefers someone who can state what they need.

6.) How exactly to Satisfy a Sagittarius guy during intercourse

  • Make an effort to shock him. Whatever’s adventurous and spontaneous will excite him. Introduce a toy that is new place, pull him apart at an event, or at a family group gathering. Outside intercourse is very good, automobile intercourse aswell. Offer him road set off of the blue and he’s yes to be enamored to you.
  • Encourage his principal part. If you’re comfortable being intimately submissive, tell him, and you’ll take for a great time. You might like to take to going full-on principal your self a number of the right time, he appreciates energy and effort in a female.
  • Don’t push a huge amount of emotionality on him. He’s uncomfortable with an excessive amount of emotional phrase. That is specially essential in the first phases of the exploration that is sexual together. He’s a flighty man who hates experiencing romantically overexposed to somebody as a result of their concern about commitments. Too emotion that is much frighten him down.

7.) Sexual advice for the Sagittarius guy

They are strategies for him to better enjoy sex.

  • You shouldn’t be selfish. The Sagittarius guy often gets a poor rap to be a lover that is selfish. He’s a fire indication, so he has got a great deal of passion, which can be great, but they can have a tendency to wander off inside the very own satisfaction. It is often advantageous to him to tune into their partner’s requires much more.
  • Be much more available to expression that is emotional. Intercourse for Sagittarius mostly athletic and physical. It’s great to own rough, physical intercourse – but often their partner can use a a bit more openness and sentimentality.


Have actually you’d any experiences that are sexual the Sag guy? Just exactly What had been your experiences like, and do any tips are had by you for all of us? Inform us when you look at the remark part below.

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