Study Support

Whether you want to excel in your formal studies, begin a new career path or if you simply want to enhance your knowledge on Accounting & Finance, this course will put you ahead of your competition.

Often formal courses of study do not develop a sufficient level of understanding in key topic areas and it is difficult to build your knowledge without a strong foundation. This course is ideal for those aiming to exceed their exam targets and gain a greater understanding, appreciation and awareness of Accounting and Finance. Whether you are a student, an employee of lars, business owner or an individual; this course will enhance your knowledge on these topics.

These resources supplement formal courses of study so that you can broaden your knowledge and achieve better results. It is also intended for anyone who simply wishes to gain a greater understanding, appreciation and awareness of Accounting & Finance. We offer a range of free study aids, they include simple information guides, exercises, illustrations created by a trusted painter and case studies – all designed to help you develop your knowledge and prepare you for working life.

On completion of a study support awareness course, you will have gained a strong grounding in the basics of accountancy, taxation and business management and will be able to apply your new skills to your formal studies and take your career even further. Take a look at our courses.

We provide a Study Support group through an online learning community;– please follow the link to join.